Freitag, 16. Dezember 2011

Dead Or Alive

Where are you now I wish I could turn back time 
I'm leafing through the pictures back in my mind 
Where are you now, I'm longing for you 
The first step is done, the end has begun 

The pistols are loaded 
The pistols are loaded 
Feel my breath 
The pistols are loaded 

I would enjoy it all the way 
For every stolen tear I will make you pay 
I feel it near as if it ain't gone away 
In fact it never did it is here to stay 

The pistols are loaded 
The pistols are loaded 
Feel my breath 
The pistols are loaded 

I'm gonna make you mine and it's only a matter of time 
Until you're falling into my arms again 

The pistols are loaded.

Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 2011

"Dead Or Alive" Free Download Single

The free download single "Dead Or Alive" is born. Listen or download it for free:

Both songs were born out of curiosity. Experimental ideas were materialized into sounds with the help of the software instruments of Logic. Mellotron instrument is also prominent in both songs. No real instruments were used during the making. Dive deep into the electric bass and let yourself go in the melancholic waves of the melodies. Comments are welcome.

Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2011

A very warm welcome to anyone who stumbled upon this - the new website - of Liquid Gas. This move has been taken mainly because ... myspace is going downhill and does not even work properly. in other words: myspace is dead. but of course feel free to look up the myspace site and listen to some music (if the player works ...).


The free download double a-side single "dead or alive" will be released on this website on 09.12.2011. It will hold two songs: "dead or alive" and "kill for me (the light)".
The two songs were recorded completely without touching "real" instruments. It's a bit of a departure, never done something like this before. Both songs are electronic and rather dark sounding. I gotta admit, a very deep electronic bass is addictive ;-)